'Automatic Session' precautions.

What is an 'Automatic Session'?
To avoid having to sign in with every visit to Volvo onderdelen we created the 'Automatic Sign In'.
This feature stores your credentials (Email-address and password) on your computer. When you visit us again, the stored information is used to automate the Sign in process.

Is it Secure?
Your password is only sent over the Internet using a secure link (SSL). Because of this secure link, the transmission of your password cannot be intercepted. As an additional security feature only an encrypted version of your password is stored in the Cookie. If your computer is used by people other than yourself then we advise you do not to use the 'remember me' feature.

The use of the 'Automatic Sign In' is optional. If you choose not to use this feature, you will need to login manually with each visit to Volvo onderdelen.

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